Tuesday, December 13, 2005

மதிபிற்குரிய மணியன் ஐயா அவர்களூக்கு,

உங்கள் யோசனைப் படி "கண்ணம்மா" யென்று மாற்றியாச்சு.



Monday, December 12, 2005

Recently i happened to watch one TV SOAP in a very popular channel.
Since i had seen lotsa tamil related people in this website, just i want to share this with everyone.
It was a game show.The popular actress asking some question to 6th standard kid " how many "paals" are there in tirukkural?".The kid was thinking for a some seconds and asked "what is the meaning of paal?".

In the same episode, i found kids couldnt answer if the question is completely in tamil.

I dont want to make any comments on this.

But parents should take some real care on kids to make them to know tamil ilakkiam irrespective of their medium and language what they had chosen.